About us

REDRESS THE BALANCE, founded by sisters Lotte and Tess, is a distinctive Dutch label renowned for its stunning designs and iconic logo. What began as a school project soon blossomed into a passion for crafting and creating clothing.

Our label represents a fusion of high casual wear and high-end street fashion, tailored for everyday wear. Our pieces effortlessly transition from the office, exuding professionalism, to leisurely moments. Each design is meticulously crafted in collaboration with our trusted clothing manufacturer.

We take pride in our exclusive small-scale production, prioritizing quality and wearability. Drawing inspiration from global trends, particularly from Asia, the United States, and Europe, our aim is to offer apparel that combines style with comfort.

At the core of REDRESS THE BALANCE is our philosophy: follow your bliss and relentlessly pursue your aspirations. Our brand symbolizes recalibration, evolving from past achievements to embrace new challenges.

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